LookWalkers Branding

Look Walkers (Moving Billboards)

A pathbreaking form of advertising that will definitely catch the attention of your audience!

Also referred to as human billboards, in this form of advertising, individuals or groups of individuals carry LED bulletins on both front and rear sides, and move around places where a brand’s target audience is present. Look walkers are very effective during evenings because the LED lighting attracts people in the dark.

  • Promotional message is conveyed to the audience directly
  • They can be viewed at any angle and from a distance
  • Can be positioned at malls, high-traffic marketplaces and high streets
  • High density exposure of a client’s advertisement
  • Innovative OOH ad that leaves an everlasting impact on the crowd

Full Page Newspaper Insertion

Deliver your message to the right audience with newspaper inserts!

We at Ginger Media offer full-page inserts, leaflets, flyers and pamphlets included with the distribution of every newspaper issue. These stand-alone ads are suitable for discounts, offers, festive offerings and new product launches.

  • Cost-effective and direct marketing
  • Stick in consumer homes longer than other media
  • Experience great visibility and reach a wide audience
  • Achieve geo-location and target-oriented delivery
  • Aids in hyperlocal marketing
  • Enhanced CTA

Newspaper Inserts

Balloon branding

Let us devise, design and deliver your message on a giant balloon!

Convert your store or location to a prominent landmark with our eye-catching inflatable advertising balloons. You get to proudly display your message on the entire width of the balloon and get noticed from miles away.

  • Powerful way to show off your store
  • Get people to notice you and increase your profits
  • Creates excitement and draws attention
  • Ideal for product recognition and brand awareness
  • Large-scale messaging