Giving your brand retail visibility!

Visual merchandising is crucial for your retail brand. We make sure your brand is prominent throughout your business. We install street-front signages of a particular brand at the top of a shop thus giving passers-by a great view of your offerings. With this approach, your product or service gets visibility in diverse locations and to an extensive audience. We offer:

  • Dealer boards
  • Shop signages
  • Glow sign boards
  • Metal signs

In-shop Branding

Helping you document your brand identity inside a store!

Branding within the four walls of a store/shop is ideal to attract customers and increase sales. We understand the good points of in-store branding that will grab customer attention immediately and entice them to act. We offer:

  • Signages
  • Wall graphics
  • Vinyl banners
  • In-house fabrication

Cladding Work and Acrylic Moulding

Signage is more than just a logo!

To give your retail store an astounding look and feel, we offer cladding services. We make use of vinyl, flex and aluminium composite panels to fulfil your signage projects. It is a fool-proof way to enhance your brand visibility to pedestrians and moving traffic. Besides this, we also special in 3D acrylic signboards, to give your brand name an appealing look.

  • Gives your store a unique identity and strengthens brand image
  • Establishes communication between retailer and customer
  • Helps a customer easily locate the store
  • Bold signboards attract a customer into the store

Vinyl & Flex Printing

Giving your brand a shout out, loud and clear!

With our vinyl and flex printing options, we aim at giving you holistic promotional solutions. We create high quality banners and standees for your next event or tradeshow. Flex and vinyl banners play a pivotal role in the signage industry. It is ideal to maximise brand visibility. We specialise in vinyl and flex printing for the following:

  • Hoardings
  • Tradeshows/conferences
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate lobbies
  • Showrooms
Vinyl And Flex Printing


Compelling advertising opportunities at every nook and corner of a store!

Free standing advertising displays are an effective method to attract local clientele. While tent cards can be placed on the tabletop in restaurants, cafes and bars, danglers can be used in-store or hung around a stall during an exhibition. We also excel in making promotional wobblers and gift vouchers to capture the attention of a buyer when they’re shopping.

  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Convinces customers to make a purchase
  • Educates a customer on your offers and promotions
  • Occupy very little space yet communicate important information
  • Garners considerable attention from customers when they’re seated or on the move