Who We Are

Creating Stories with a Twist

Spearheaded by a creative force to be reckoned with, Ginger Media is here to help your brand grow each day. With a passion to enhance your visibility, we get you noticed in unique and distinctive ways, even you wouldn’t have envisioned.





Team Meeting Ideate

Welcome to our consulting

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

- Theodore Levitt

Core Values

Our guiding principles to deliver an impeccable experience, today and tomorrow:

  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Commitment


To leverage our expertise and marketing knowledge to help our clients curate meaningful experiences with their audience.


To consistently deliver transformative marketing and branding solutions that will redefine your brand and ensure exceptional returns.

Our Working Process

Sparking off Ideas

Based on your goals and vision, our experts will chalk out creative plans for you. In our brainstorming and ideation process, we step beyond the obvious solutions to create something game-changing for your brand.

Driven by Innovation

Going from creative chaos to strategic momentum is our forte. While we’re constantly seeking innovative ideas, we also run pilot campaigns to check the feasibility of the medium before running it in full-scale.

Awareness and Buzz

Turning your vision into a reality excites us. We execute your campaign online or offline at an opportune moment when your audience is interested in the valuable information you have to offer.

Measuring the Impact

Understanding the working of a campaign and measuring results is important to us. Based on certain predetermined parameters, we measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and prepare a detailed report.


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