No Parking Board Advertising in India

Today, no parking signs are nearly everywhere. With excessive development, No Parking signs are now commonplace on almost every street. Advertising with a no parking sign provides the benefit of being by visitors and locals. It helps your brands reach a more diverse audience. In this article, you will get a deeper understanding of the reasons to choose it for advertising your brand and how to advertise through it.

"No Parking board advertising” refers to advertising your brand/industry through No Parking boards that are probably posted in front of the gates to your colony or society, as well as on bungalow gates and other structures. 

Advertisements on the No Parking Board are seen not just by the building's occupants but also by onlookers and those walking by. This aids in arousing viewers' curiosity so that your brand remains in their minds.

What you can do

Applications of No Parking Advertising

No-parking board advertising is a highly cost-effective way to get your brand out there in front of your audience in a targeted way. Here are some of the benefits of No-parking board advertising:

Hyper Local Marketing

No parking board advertising allows for hyper-local marketing as it offers brands an opportunity to target specific residential areas and groups of people. Through no-parking advertising, you can segregate your audience based on different factors such as economical status, residential area prominence, socioeconomic backgrounds, and interests. For hyper-local marketing, no parking advertising is one of the most preferred options by brands.

Target Different Socioeconomic Groups

India is one of the most diverse countries with a population density of 423.88 people per sq km, people from various socioeconomic backgrounds live together. India also has a demographic advantage with 50% of its population being under 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35 and home to more than 2,000 ethnic groups. Hence, no-parking advertising in India is perfect to target different socio-economic backgrounds at large.

Product Launches & Sampling

No-parking branding is extremely cost-effective. It is hence one of the highly used forms of outdoor advertising media. Due to its cost-effectiveness and high reach and visibility, no-parking advertising is perfect for testing a new product, launching a new product, sampling, or running a pilot campaign. No-parking advertising, unlike online display ads, costs less in the long run, is safer, and can continue for a longer period of time providing higher visibility.

Society Activation

No-parking advertising allows you to target specific residential areas with unique brand messaging. This helps brands effectively appeal to the people of specific residences and due to the cost-effectiveness of no-parking branding, an average campaign lasts from a few months to a year. This provides long exposure time and constant visibility which in turn helps brands build strong top-of-the-mind recall among the targeted residential areas

Want to use No Parking Boards for brand promotions?

Available Options

No Parking Board Options Available in India

No parking advertising boards in India can be customized in different sizes, types, and shapes as per the required needs. Some of the types of no-parking boards we provide are:

Metal Sheet Boards

Metal or tin sheet no parking boards are usually made from materials like tin, aluminium, or stainless steel. These advertising boards are commonly used by advertisers to run extensive campaigns as these metal or tin sheet no parking advertising boards are thick, stronger, and hence last longer surviving harsh weather conditions. These no-parking boards come in different sizes such as 12 “ x 18 “, 15 “ x 15 “, 12 “ x 12 “

Sunpack Sheet Boards

Sunpack sheets are another commonly used form of no parking advertising boards. These sheets aren't as thick as metal or tin sheet no-parking boards. However, they cost a bit less and are strong enough to last for a year or two. These no parking boards are made from materials like PVC, and carton boxes depending upon your needs. Sunpack sheet no parking boards are a popular choice among brands due to their cost-effectiveness

Prismatic Sheet Boards

Prismatic sheet no-parking boards are one of the best choices as they provide an all-in-one solution to brands looking to do no-parking advertising. These boards are cost-effective, are more vibrant than Sunpack sheets, and are also durable having been made from the strong material of Polycarbonate. Prismatic sheet no-parking boards are also called reflective sheets no-parking boards due to their high color vibrancy and reflective nature.

Cut-Out Boards

No-parking cut-out boards are a fool-proof way to catch your target audience’s attention. The unique design makes these kinds of boards instantly stand out and grab people's attention. These cut-out no-parking boards also can be customized in different sizes and shapes as per your needs. These are often made from PVC material, polycarbonate, or Sunpack sheets. If you’re looking to do no-parking advertising, these can be a great choice.

Places to Advertise

Popular places for doing No Parking Branding in India

Deciding on a place that is best suitable for your brand’s advertisement is an essential factor. Keeping in mind the target audience and proximity, you can aim for the following places:

Most Popular Cities

Best Cities for No Parking Advertising

    Want to use No Parking Boards for brand promotions?

    The Complete Process

    How we execute No Parking Branding Campaign?

    • First StepShare your requirements

      Tell us what you want for your campaign and we will help you achieve it.
    • Second StepPlan the campaign with us

      You will be assisted in identifying the correct locations for your campaigns.
    • Third StepReceive the best quotes

      We provide the lowest guaranteed rates with the finest vehicle branding services across India.
    • Fourth StepProvide the required creatives

      Provide us with an attractive creative to showcase your brand after we share the creative dimensions.
    • Fifth StepExecution

      See your brand moving on wheels within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a high response.
    • Sixth StepReceive proof of execution

      At the end of the campaign, receive a photo showing all the installation process has been completed successfully.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Ginger Media Group for No Parking Board Advertising in India?

    When you choose to work with us, you work with an agency that acts as more of your business partner. We take time to understand your business, your target audience, your products and services, business goals, and your budget and accordingly craft a marketing plan that is tailored just for you. Having worked across industries like FMCG, Education, Real Estate, Consumer durables, Medical, Gaming, Fashion and Apparel, Beauty, and IT, we have just the right amount of experience to help you run a successful marketing campaign. We are a 360° outdoor ad agency and branding agency that provides a huge variety of outdoor advertising services. We have helped more than 150 brands PAN India level and we can't wait to help you and your business grow.

    We have a robust distribution and promoter network and strong tie-ups that can help you do this branding in India with ease. We take pride in the work we do and we do it with strong ethics.

    Some reasons why you must consider vehicle advertising for your brand or business

    You will be guaranteed an audience when it comes to this branding.

    The location of your vehicle ad makes it hard to ignore.

    Capture attention and put the spotlight on your message.

    71% of consumers often look at boards with catchy creatives, thus proving no parking advertising’s effectiveness.

    Present an ad to a maximum number of people without exerting too much effort.

    The advantage of this branding is its constant availability.

    We are trusted by some of the giant businesses such as Zomato, OYO, Chumbak, Unilever, Hotstar and a lot more. When you advertise with us, you advertise with an agency that works as your business partner.

    Your business goals become our goals.

    Ginger Media Group is a 360 degrees marketing agency that specialises in outdoor advertising. With our 7+ years of experience, our team of branding specialists, marketing enthusiasts and data-driven advertisers, we have had the pleasure to serve some of the most well-known brands such as VIBGYOR, OYO, Zomato, Uber Moto, Uber Eats, Chumbak & a lot more.

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